Felina Lingerie

  • Felina bras and Felina lingerie are some of the most loved and adored in the world of underwear. They are beautiful and well made, but they are not the only thing that Felina do. Whilst they are known for their bras and their briefs mostly, Felina also are expanding their range to include some other items too. Mostly, at the moment at least, Felina is making these other ranges for specialist brands, but perhaps soon they will be available to you and me also. So what are these amazing products exactly? Let's take a look and see what amazing bits and bobs they have in store for us.

    What Other Lingerie Does Felina Make?

    Felina are mostly a bra and brief designer, but they also run one of the biggest private label operations in the world. This means they make items for other designers and manufacturers.

    They use their considerable skill and means to make items for those fashion houses and designers that are not able to make large amounts of their own designs. But why does Felina do this? Surely it is a dangerous thing to make items for other brands that might even end up being a competitor to them? Well, that is not the way Felina think. With so many smaller brands out there trying to get on their feet and develop their brands, they often have so much to offer us but not the capital to start up their own workshops. Felina always wants to offer these smaller brands the opportunity to grow and development. The reason is that Felina love all the variety and multiplicity in the fashion world. It always helps fashion design in general when there is a variety of smaller designers out there. They help to keep the fashion world fresh with new ideas and present us all with amazing opportunities to learn off of each other. With the introduction of newer talent and the opportunity to grow those smaller brands and work together, Felina is widening their own horizons and helping to make Felina bras even better. And of course, as the old saying goes, innovation is endless. There is no end to creativity and Felina always has its own interesting and unique perspective on fashion, so helping other brands really isn't too much of a concern. So if you want to patronize a brand that is as great at making their own items as they are at diversifying the whole fashion world, then Felina is the designer for you.

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