Felina Conturelle Bras

  • Felina Conturelle is a wodnerful range from the Felina bras brand, which is itself perhaps the best known range of bras in the world of lingerie. But what is it that is so wonderful about Felina Conturelle bras and why are they so unbelievably popular. So let's take a look and see where their amazing reputation comes from.

    What Is Special About Felina Conturelle Bars?

    What is Felina Conturelle exactly? It is a line up of items that concentrates almost exclusively on offering maximum comfort and fit without losing an ounce of the sexiness and femininity that normally comes with Felina's stunning bras. They are a master at blending beauty and comfort, femininity and fit in the same design to begin with, but they are also wary that a range for plus sized women or women with bigger busts is also a frequent request from their fans. This is often a difficult thing to pull off with most designers, as adding newer sizes often means slightly more generic bras. After all, many designers want to get the fit and comfort of the bras just right, and even more importantly, the support. This often means the fashion elements get left to one side. But not here. With every new undertaking Felina makes, they always make sure that they do everything they can to add to their range, and never trade something else for it or sacrifice what their fans love about them. Conturelle is the embodiment of that attitude. It is a wonderful example of items of lingerie that are designed with adding value and beauty to your life without taking away any of the wonderful attributes you love about your Felina bras so much. So how do you go about making items that are so very good at being both stylish and great at being comfy and are well fitted? Well, Felina has considerable skill with all these areas of design, but how it adds support and a comfy fit for their most generous and roomy products is no mystery at all. They simply add a few adjustments that don't even need to interrupt the gorgeous design elements of the bra. This includes elements like a slightly deeper wing, which holds the bra in place perfectly. Or a slightly deeper cup, which cups and cradles your bust slightly more than a lower cup and offers far more coverage and a secure feel and fit compared to balcony bras or demi cups. With simply but effective adjustments, Felina has created a range of designs in the Felina Conturelle line up that have stunned us with their comfort and fit, but never once sacrificed beautiful design to achieve that.

    This is the sign of a master designer and we absolutely love what Felina Conturelle has achieved.

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