Felina Bras

  • Felina bras are perhaps ninety percent of what Felina's time, attention, energy, and careful design go into. They are, of course, fifty percent of their range as each Felina bra has a matching brief to go with them, but still, Felina bras are the thing that gets almost all of their care and attention. So why exactly is this the case?

    What Is So Special About Felina Bras?

    Felina bras are so focuses upon for one simple reason. Bras are a technical product. Everything that Felina make in this particular range needs to be a whole lot more technical and clever than your average piece of underwear. And once they have the design, shape, colour, and general look of the bra made and settled upon, they have to simply bring the same attributes into a new form to make a matching brief. But with their bras, Felina and their design team have so much technical detail that they must include in their final product.

    Now what about designing a bra to be the same fit and shape as the rest of the item? Would it not be easy to make a bra the same way as they have been made from the previous season and simply update its style? Well, yes, but that would mean that Felina would not be the number one designer that they have become over a great many years. Their insistence on always pushing the envelope and always giving us the very best they can in their products is something we truly admire about them. And putting so much into the technical side of their designs in the sure fire way to give their fans the perfect bra. Felina bras are always superb at this, and always will be the best around. Their build quality is second to none, the materials they use are comfy and well made, and the design makes it feel like you have the support of something twice as good as anything else you have tried. These really are some of, if not the best bras in the world right now, and each new season they get better and better than the ones before them and better than their best competition too. If you want quality and fit, with a great sense of style and all of this at an affordable price tag too, not to mention, then Felina bras are about the best you can possibly find.

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